AKA — what you really want to know. It’s cool, ask away. We are a little bit nosey, too.

What’s your style?

Luxurious, yet approachable. Fun and ever-so-slightly whimsical. Cohesive and well-thought out. We delight in the details.


Do you? Can you? Will you?  ________________?

(Design + deliver my guest welcome bags, plan my menus, find me these fabulous chairs, surprise my guests.)

Girl, please. We do it all.  There’s very little we haven’t —or won’t do. As long as it’s legal, we’re on board.

Will you be at my event?

We wouldn’t miss it for the world! We are not a wedding factory, so we’re focused on one client throughout the weekend. We assign a team to each client to properly service each event throughout the entire weekend — from the bridal lunch to the big party to Sunday brunch. From wedding welcome drinks to the last sparkler at your send off.

I want my wedding to be unique!

So do we! Yay! We do not do cookie-cutter, same-old parties. And nothing gives us greater pleasure than a fresh design and the element of surprise.

How do you work with out-of-town clients?

Here’s the secret —Austin is a wildly popular destination wedding town. Which means most Brock + Co. clients don’t live here. We are masters at long-distance relationships — email, weekly conference calls, power weekends … it’s a breeze.

Do you offer limited service planning and/or can I pick and choose what I’d like help with? 

The short answer  = yes. The long answer = our most successful events are when we do a “deep dive,” so-to-speak, with our clients and their families, but we understand wedding budgets are all over the place. We are totally open to focusing on design + details, while you take the lead on logistics, if that’s your thing. Each client is different + we are flexible.

Please email (or call — we love to chat!) and we’ll be happy to visit + see if we are a good fit for your particular needs.

How much do you cost?

Shoot us a line and we’ll share our ranges with you. Keep in mind — we do this as a full-time job, with insurance and all of that fun stuff. So, if you’re looking for an event planner based on price, we’re probably not the best fit for you.

You talk a lot about “your clients” … what does that mean?

When you work with Brock + Co., you become our number one priority. You’re a client, treated respectfully and professionally. Again, this is our full-time job, not a hobby or a weekend gig. You’re entrusting us with an event that’s important to you and we don’t take that responsibility lightly.

Why are you amazing?

Don’t ask us — chat with our past clients and see what they have to say. They’ll tell you, hands-down, that we are focused on knowing them, pushing creative boundaries, providing very hands-on support and a very high-touch, high level of service.

Guess what? We aren’t always the right fit. And we know that! We believe in honesty, transparency and total client trust, so if we aren’t the best fit, we are happy to refer our industry pals who might be.

It’s an honor that you are considering Brock + Co. We know you have tons of choices for your event planning needs and appreciate your consideration.

What’s next?

Let’s chat, y’all. We’d love to hear about what you’re dreaming up.